Universal Floor TV Stand Glass Base and Shelves for 32-65" TVs ONKRON TS5550, Black
  • Universal Floor TV Stand Glass Base and Shelves for 32-65" TVs ONKRON TS5550, Black

    Universal Floor TV Stand Glass Base and Shelves for 32-65" TVs ONKRON TS5550, Black

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    Ware TOP

    Sehr zu empfehlen. Alles Top. Gut Qualität

    Keep S'myelin :)
    Perfect!! :)

    I absolutely love this TV stand! :)It's easy to assemble, very strudy, has shelves for peripherals, & holds the TV securely without being bulky & taking up a lot of space.I have many furry kids who all loved to climb on our old console type stand. We always had a furry guest star in the middle of every show! With this stand there's nothing for them to climb or sit on so, finally, we can watch TV without a feline extra. :)I'd definitely recommend this stand - especially to those with limited space & those with furry family desperately trying for a career in TV. LOL

    A TV stand that is worth the time it takes to put it together

    As any TV floor stand, there is a lot of assembly required. The instructions are straightforward for most of the process, but there are a few places where you’ll have to make a choice with no guidance from the instructions.For example, when putting the main support into the base, you can decide to use four screws instead of six (as shown in the instructions) to make your stand slightly taller. Maybe 1-2 inches. This will come at the cost of stability and reliability, especially if your TV is large and or heavy.It gets the most confusing once you get to the part where you mount the rails onto the back of your television. Essentially, if you have a flat screen with no curvature in the back, you can use the screws directly without washers.The most important thing is that the logo on the support pillar should be facing away from the direction the TV screen will be facing. It’s confusing because you always think a logo should be facing you so it’s seen. It confused us and we had to redo a step because of this!Overall, this is a good stand and comes together nicely.

    TS5550 Onkron Stand TS5550 Onkron Stand TS5550 Onkron Stand TS5550 Onkron Stand TS5550 Onkron Stand TS5550 Onkron Stand TS5550 Onkron Stand
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    How to measure VESA
    VESA measurment

    VESA patterns are measured by the center of one mounting hole to the center of another on the back of a television in millimeters. In the example above, the VESA measurements are 100 (width) x 100 (height). The example TV would be able to use a VESA 100 x 100 mount.
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