"Floating screen" effect

ONKRON N1L is designed to mount 32-80 inch TVs and displays weighing up to 150 lb. on ceilings and slanted walls. The telescopic design of the mounting pole allows for installing TVs at a substantial height, easily adjusting it in 2-inch increments.

N1L is indispensable in apartments and offices with panoramic windows, in spacious rooms with high ceilings, where it is often difficult to find a place to mount the TV directly on the wall. The "floating screen" does not interfere with sunlight nor block the view from the windows.

The N1L is an essential public address information system component that provides maximum visibility from multiple angles. This is facilitated by a large tilt angle from -5° to 15° and a rotation angle of 60°. Due to an adjustable mounting base, the N1L can also be attached to a slanted wall.

The N1L bracket is recommended for the largest screens for several reasons. It features a super-strong six-bolt fastening mechanism, and the anchors are included, so you do not have to buy them yourself! The design is heavy-duty and resistant to torsion and bending, which is essential, given the weight load of screens with a large diagonal.

ONKRON N1L in white will perfectly fit into a bright interior. The same model in black will always look sophisticated and elegant.

Spacious apartments, living rooms, townhouses, cottages, country houses with panoramic windows, large halls, and waiting rooms are perfect for installing ONKRON N1L ceiling mounts.

ONKRON creates new products based on years of experience and customer feedback. The finest homes around the globe already feature the N1L mount, so get yours today!

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