Newest additions to the product line - ONKRON PT2/PT3

The remarkable ONKRON PT2/PT3 tabletop stands feature a tempered glass base and a solid steel VESA mount that perfectly combine the construction's reliability, simplicity in operation, and modern minimalist design.

With PT2/PT3, you can effortlessly swivel the screen up to 360° for comfortable viewing from anywhere in the apartment.

The PT2 stand will allow you to put the TV on top of a cabinet that separates the kitchen from the dining room or the sleeping quarters from the sitting space. When moving from one area to another, just turn the screen and continue watching wherever you are.

The PT3 stand, thanks to the unique design of the glass base, will allow you to install most 75'' TVs securely on top of the media cabinet and very close to the wall. And even a restless child or a playful puppy will not be able to knock over the TV accidentally - the setup is safe and sound.

Both models feature a wide range of available VESA configurations from 100x100mm to 400x400mm and the ability to adjust the height of the screen. The stands are suitable for 95% of modern TVs; they come equipped with clips for cable management and signature polymer pads that reduce the risk of mechanical damage to the back of the TV. The sturdy 0.4-inch tinted tempered glass bases are equipped with rubber feet to protect your furniture from damage and scratches. Stands come with a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

ONKRON PT2 is suitable for TVs weighing up to 77 lb. with a diagonal from 32 to 65 inches. It provides a 180° screen rotation around its axis.

ONKRON PT3 can easily hold heavy TVs weighing up to 88 lb. with a diagonal of 32 to 75 inches. A special plastic clip limits the swivel to +/-54° to guarantee stability.

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